Description of the procedure::

Procedure is not recommended for women planing on next pregnancy

Indications for abdominoplasty are excess flabby skin of the abdomen, which hangs down and forms loose folds or the abdomen or bulges to the front. The surgery consists in removing the unaesthetic skin fold in the abdomen area together with frequently occurring postnatal stretch marks. The abdominal skin, along with the adipose tissue, separates from the muscles and tightens itself, and the excess cuts out, creating a new place for the navel. The effect is even better the more it is supported by a proper diet and a reasonable physiotherapeutic programme.

Post-treatment recommendations::

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and lasts from 4 to 6 hours. After the surgery, the patient, if necessary, stays under specialist medical care in the Clinic for about 1 hour. Then, for a few days, it is necessary to change dressings every day. Due to the very high skin tone, the sutures are removed up to 14 days after the procedure. After the surgery, abdominal massages, especially postoperative scars, the use of special preparations causing their softening and wearing a special compression belt for two months after the procedure are indicated.

Time of incapacity for work::

The average period of absence at work is about 10 days.

Duration of the procedure: from 4 to 6 hours
Type of anaesthesia: local or analgosedation (in the presence of an anaesthesiologist)
Required tests:

Results of laboratory tests needed for conducting anesthesia

●Blood morphology

●Blood coagulation system ( APTT, INR, PT )

●Electrolytes ( Na+, K+)


●ALAT, AspAt

• Creatinine

• Urea

●In case of thyroid disease : ○TSH ○fT4 ○fT3 ●EKG

●RTG- chest, not older than 1 year



●Anti-HCV .

Time of stay in the clinic: Hospitalization required (1 day)
Contraindications to the procedure: blood clotting disorders, purulent infections and inflammatory skin, bad test results, diabetes and hypertension not under medical supervision