Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Description of the procedure::

The procedure consists in administering a small amount of botulinum toxin to each square subcutaneously. 15 minutes before the procedure, the anaesthetic cream is applied and the self-injection is carried out using an additional cooling fan. As a rule, the procedure performed on the hands and feet requires anaesthesia. The procedure itself takes a few dozen minutes, and you can return to your daily activities. The effect is visible after a few – a dozen or so days, and lasts for several months. It lasts up to a year (armpits). Then it needs to be repeated.

Local non-surgical treatment – intradermal injection of botulinum toxin

Before starting the procedure, the field of excessive sweating should be clearly determined. Most often, places requiring botulinum toxin injection overlap visibly with drops of sweat. However, sometimes, it is extremely difficult to identify this field accurately. For this purpose, the so-called iodine starch test (Minor test). It involves spreading a given place with iodine and then sprinkling with potato starch. The areas sought after several or dozen of seconds become more and more blackened. The spots of excessive sweating found are divided into 1.5 x 1.5 cm squares with the support of a solution like a gentian violet.

Surgical treatment:

It involves the surgical removal of all sweat glands under the arms, sometimes also with the excision of the skin of the area. Fat subcutaneous tissue in the underarm area is always removed. The successful result of the procedure reaches 90%, but it is associated with the formation of scars that may lead to the limitation of the range of arms movement. For some people, discomfort brings loss of hairy skin in this area.

Combined method: laser removal of sweat glands + liposuction of the area armpits:

A thin cannula connected to the laser is inserted through the small incision of the skin. After irradiation of the gland with a quartz optical fibre powered by laser light, the doctor performs small liposuction of the area.

Post-treatment recommendations::

No side effects or complications. Sometimes, up to a few hours, there may be local soreness and light itching in the armpits, which disappear without treatment after 1-2 weeks.

Time of incapacity for work::

There is no need to stop working.

Time of the procedure: 30 – 90 minutes
Type of anaesthesia:   local
Required tests:  not required
Time of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the procedure:

neuromuscular disorders (myasthenia gravis, Lambert Eaton syndrome) hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation (human albumin) use of the following medicines or up to 1 week after their discontinuation: aminoglycosides (streptomycin, gentamycin, amikacin, kanamycin etc.) aminoquinoline (chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine) ) D-penicillamine (cuprenil) cyclosporin, tubocurarine, pancuronium, galamine, succinylcholine, lincomycin, tetracycline, polymyxin, topical skin infections, pregnancy and lactation period.