Cavitation peeling

Description of the procedure

Cavitation peeling is a modern treatment used for painless and deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliation of dead skin with excess sebum, bacteria and toxic substances by means of ultrasound waves, which cause the effect of cavitation when directed to wet skin. The treatment is an alternative to the traditional method of manual facial cleansing.
During the treatment, skin oxygenation is increased, and circulation is improved.
The result of peeling is visibly smoothed and regenerated skin with open pores and hair follicles.
This peeling is perfect for sensitive and delicate skin.


  • grey and dirty skin,
  • blackheads,
  • skin requiring regeneration,
  • hypoxic skin,
  • acne reduction,

  • removal of dead skin, pustules and blackheads,

  • closing extended pores,

  • stimulation of cells for natural renewal,

  • strengthening blood vessels.

The skin may be slightly red, and it will disappear after a few minutes.


  • tumours and conditions after their surgical removal
  • pregnancy
  • circulatory insufficiency
  • febrile states
  • severe general condition
  • presence of metallic foreign bodies in the tissues (cardiac pacemaker and braces for teeth)
  • vegetative neurosis of a considerable degree
  • osteoporosis

Cavitation peeling visibly increases the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.

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