Manicure / Pedicure (Hand and foot care)

Japanese manicure

The nourishing treatment strengthens natural nails, giving them an attractive appearance with a beautiful gloss, as well as provides them with necessary natural ingredients, including vitamins A + E, pro-vitamin B5, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Sea of ​​Japan. Manicure is recommended for fragile, brittle and split nails. The effect is visible after the first treatment. It is recommended to use 3 to 4 treatments at biweekly intervals. During the treatment, it is not recommended to paint the nails so that the nail plate can easily regenerate.

Manicure / Classic pedicure

Beautiful and well-groomed feet are an element of health and beauty and the basis of well-being of both women and men. Classic manicure and pedicure is a treatment based on natural nail plate as well as hand and foot skin. The treatment gives the nails and their surroundings an aesthetic and well-groomed look by cleaning, filing the nails and giving them the right shape, moving away or cutting the skin, aligning the plate and polishing. The treatments can be completed by painting nails with the desired colour from a wide range of varnishes or a strengthening conditioner.

Manicure / Hybrid Pedicure