Description of the procedure and method of treatment (upper eyelids)::

Sagging of the eyelid skin is primarily the result of the ageing process of collagen and elastic fibres of the skin. Typically, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, after premedication. Eyelid correction involves the removal of excess skin. In the case of upper eyelids, the incision is about 4-5mm above the eyelid margin, locating the postoperative scar in the upper eyelid recess. This makes the scar completely invisible when an eye is open. In the case of sagging and inefficiency of the upper eyelid muscle, the length of the upper limb muscle can also be shortened during surgery, thereby improving its function.

Description of the procedure and method of treatment (LOWER eyelids)::

The incision of the lower eyelids is carried just below the eyelid margin. In the case of “bags under the eyes”, the removal of fatty hernia and reconstruction of the orbital septum are performed. For people who do not require radical surgery, we recommend lymphatic drainage from the area of ​​the lower eyelid with the JetPee-3 device or reconstruction of collagen using the Radiage apparatus.

Post-treatment recommendations::

After the procedure, if necessary, the patient stays in the clinic for one hour. After this time, the patient can go home. Over the next days, the patient reports for a change of dressings. Sutures are removed on the 5th and 7th day. Immediately after the procedure, temporary eyelid insufficiency may occur. It should disappear with the disappearance of swelling. For several days, up to two weeks, bruising can persist – almost always on the lower eyelids, rarely on the upper eyelids. After 2-3 days after removing the sutures, you can apply delicate masking make-up on the eyelids.

Time of incapacity for work::

The period of absence at work is usually 4-7 days after the surgery.

Duration of the procedure:  45 – 60 minutes
Type of anaesthesia: local
Required tests:  blood count, coagulation markers (APTT / INR), electrolyte level (Na, K), creatinine level, hepatitis B vaccination
Time spent in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the procedure:  infectious diseases (including herpes) located in the face, poor blood tests

BEFORE upper eyelids

AFTER upper eyelids

BEFORE bottom eyelids

AFTER bottom eyelids

BEFORE up - down eyelids

AFTER up - down eyelids

BEFORE up - down eyelids

AFTER up - down eyelids