Plastic surgery of the frenulum


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Description of the procedure::

Plastic surgery of the frenulum is a procedure performed under infiltration anaesthesia. The doctor performes injections around the frenulum with the anaesthetic – lignocaine and cuts the short frenum laterally. Subsequently, absorbable sutures are put on, so there is no need to remove them.

Post-treatment recommendations::

After the treatment, a daily care of the operated area is necessary. It is recommended to drain the foreskin daily and wash the operated area with water with a grey soap or chamomile solution.

Time of incapacity for work::

Usually, there is no need to stop work. It is recommended to limit physical exercise for two to three weeks and have no sexual intercourse for a period of at least 4 weeks.

Duration of the procedure: 30 minutes
Type of anaesthesia:  local
Required tests: blood group, blood count, coagulation factors (APTT / INR), creatinine, glucose level, electrolytes (NA, K), hepatitis B vaccination, ECG
Duration of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the procedure: not any