Fotona laser hair removal

Description of the procedure::

A safer and more effective choice for aesthetic procedures – deep penetration of the Nd: YAG laser of the Spectro XP system effectively coagulates deep vascular structures, provides strong photorejuvenation T3 and is able to eliminate difficult-to-reach hair follicles in all skin phototypes. Low absorption of the Nd wave: YAG Photons by chromophores of the skin allow you to perform treatments for all its types without damaging the thermal tissue, which provides comfort and safety unattainable for other lasers. In addition, less heat appears on the outer layer of the skin, which reduces the need for aggressive cooling. This makes the Spectro XP system an ideal choice for performing treatments on all skin phototypes. Scanner support for greater efficiency and reduced treatment time.

The skin should be cleaned of any balms, creams, make-up, antiperspirants or perfumes before the treatment because they can block the laser light, so the effects of depilation will not be as spectacular. The laser head is applied to the selected location on the body in such a way that the light beam destroys the vessels around the active hair follicles, thereby causing the hair growth to stop in the selected region. What is important is the fact that the Fotona laser destroys only the vessels of the follicles, not the remaining blood vessels. Frac3® photons (3D fractionation) create thermal micro damages deep in the skin. The resulting irritations consequently stimulate collagen and collagen fibres. Compared to classic ablation and non-ablative fractionation methods, micro damages are much deeper. Therefore, the effect we achieve will be stronger.

The hair removal procedure requires several series, which is performed a few weeks apart. At the first treatment with the Fotona Frac 3 laser, about 20% -30% of hair is removed, and up to 90% after the whole series of treatments!

Post-treatment recommendations::

No side effects or complications.

Time of incapacity for work::

There is no need to stop working.

Duration of the procedure:  15-60 minutes
Type of anaesthesia: not required
Required tests: not required
Duration of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the treatment: fresh tan, use of preparations with vitamin A, light and thin hair