BOA lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is pressure massage that stimulates lymph and tissue liquid circulation in the body. It is recommended in treating lymphedema and stuck lymph. It improves metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system, accelerates the body’s purification process.

drenaz-limfatycznyEFFECTS OF THERAPY

  • improved blood and lymph circulation;
  • improved metabolism (oxygenation and faster disposal of metabolic products) and filling a capillary network;
  • pumping blood towards the heart, taking sequences of muscle tensions from tiptoes to thighs (in case of leg cuffs);
  • regaining lost skin elasticity;
  • prophylactic objectives.


  • physical treatment of post-traumatic conditions;
  • disorders causing lymphatic failure;
  • prophylaxis of cardiovascular failure;
  • post-mastectomy lymphatic failure;
  • diseases of various aetiology leading to oedemas;
  • eliminating cellulitis.


  • beauty parlours (effective support in weight-loss and rejuvenation therapies; massage method improving the quality of skin tissue as well as subcutaneous tissues; stimulating metabolism processes)
  • SPA salons and centres (advancing systemic regeneration after extensive physical effort: sport, gymnastics etc.)
Drenaż limfatyczny BOA