Lymphatic drainage

It is a biological and physiological form of massage that is aimed at disposing of accumulated, undesired metabolism substances, improving the absorption of active substances, advancing lymph circulation (thanks to which it stimulates the body’s auto-purification), regenerating the skin, tissues, muscles and glands.

Basically, lymphatic drainage is focused on unblocking lymphatic channels, which speeds up lymph circulation, transporting nutrients to cells.

Drenaż limfatyczny

Results of lymphatic drainage:

  • In-depth activation of skin functions.
  • Accelerating skin metabolism processes.
  • Improving epidermal loosening.
  • Supporting weight-loss and counteracting cellulite.
  • Eliminating stuck lymph, being the cause of swellings and oedemas (in particular eye areas).
  • Eliminating minor dilated capillaries.
  • Soothing effect on nerve endings and at the same time reducing the feeling of tiredness and tension.

Indications for treatment:

  • Bags under eyes caused by insufficient lymph circulation.
  • Pressure, stress.
  • Vascular neurosis.

As well as such issues as:

  • Acne vulgaris. .
  • Sinusitis.
  • Scars.
  • Frostbites.
  • Before and after cosmetic operations.