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Shockwave therapy is a unique method of pain treatment, reduction of aesthetic defects such as cellulite. It is a method that allows you to achieve the assumed results quickly. We invite you to take advantage of the offer of treatments using SHOCKWAVE in our offices.


Myofascial trigger points
Relaxation of bumps in the muscle bands, elimination of dysfunctions and stimulation of metabolism in the treated muscle fibres.
Shoulder pain
Elimination of limited mobility of the arm caused by pain.
Inflammation of the lateral humerus epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
Treatment of chronić inflammation of lateral epicondylus and medial epicondylus or trigger points responsible for pain.
Inflammation of the right knee ligament and Achilles tendon pain
Regeneration of tendons and increasing their strength when load bearing using MASTERPULS® MP100 Elite
Plantar fasciitis (heel spur)
Elimination of pain and increase of the strength of the foot during a strain
Overload syndrome of tibial muscles
Effective treatment of tibial muscle overload syndrome using radial shockwaves

How does Storz Medical work?

Shockwave therapy is a unique method of pain treatment, which allows you to quickly achieve the assumed results through the action of compressed air. The kinetic energy accumulated in the head generating the waves when it is in contact with the transmitter transforms into acoustic energy, taking the form of long acoustic waves. These pulses are transmitted to the target tissue using a protective cap and gel.

After application, the radial acoustic waves propagate divergently and lose energy as they reach the deeper layers of penetrated tissues. These waves are characterised by a considerable length and cannot be focused on deeply located areas of tissues. The penetration depth ranges from 2-6cm depending on the type of relay used. The maximum energy of the magnetic induction occurs when the wave leaves the relay.

Shockwave therapy is performed without local anaesthesia. Anaesthesia limits the possibility of precisely locating painful areas during the procedure and has a negative effect on the effects of the treatment. In most cases, patients tolerate treatments well if the power level is increased gradually, and the wave frequency and head pressure are adjusted to the patient’s sensitivity to pain.