Eyebrow permanent makeup


For over a dozen years it has gained popularity thanks to its surprising results by means of a simple-to-the-eye appliance. TAFFY technique involves drawing hairs on the skin. One movement – one hair!

The most significant element of TAFFY is the so-called “FEATHER”. This is a set of flat-placed and combined needles that enter into the skin a precisely specified amount of pigment at proper depth. Their construction allows for forming hairs of various shapes, thickness and length, adequate to the type of skin, colour of pigment, type of hairs and assumed result.

TAFFY pigmentation method is silent, extremely precise and, most significantly,
almost painless and so mild that there is no irritation after the treatment.
Our pigmentation lasts approximately for 1-3 years, depending on the type of skin.

After 3-4 weeks we perform FREE correction, korekta,
after which the body already recognises the pigment and does not absorb it.
Recommended consultation once a year.

SKIN TYPES vs. Microblading


under- hydrated, subtle skin, affected by delicate and thin epidermis. It has tendency for exfoliation or makes an impression of tense skin. In this case the skin absorbs the pigment very fast. With this type of skin pigmentation is characterised by better duration and lasts longer.


is characterised by hyperactive sebaceous glands. Most often it has enlarged pores and tends to develop skin diseases, e.g. acne. Vascularisation is poorer and it seems to be sagging. While undergoing permanent makeup treatment, persons with such a type of complexion should be aware that it is resistant to pigment absorption. In this case it is not worth intensifying the colour by bigger impact or repetitiveness since the pigment uncovers its colouring only after exfoliation. Clients with greasy skin frequently require several corrections.


  • persons after chemotherapy or accidents
  • persons with allergic skin
  • sportspersons, active persons
  • persons with asymmetric faces
  • overworked women
  • persons with irregular eyebrow shape
  • aesthetic purposes, for highlighting beauty
  • camouflaging defects


  • 5-10 days after the treatment the intensity of the makeup fades, even up to 50% of the initial pigment
  • clients should not be concerned about the overdone effect immediately after the treatment
  • correction strengthens the effect of the treatment
  • avoid colouring the treatment area up to 72 hours after the treatment
  • avoid touching, wetting and tearing the skin in the pigmentation area
  • the skin must be treated with cosmetics recommended by the linergist (do not apply soap)
  • avoid visits in the sauna, solarium or swimming pool
  • the permanent makeup always involves 2 visits: the first one and the necessary refilling after 3-4 weeks
  • avoid visits in the sauna, solarium or swimming pool for 14 days
  • avoid scratching
  • avoid using irritating, alcohol-based cosmetics

After healing avoid
aggressive peelings in the area of the permanent makeup
prevent from drying
and intensive sun tanning of the pigmented skin.


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • infection in the treatment area
  • elevated temperature
  • cancerous disease. The treatment can be performed approx. 6 months after recovery
  • non-stabilised diabetes
  • haemophilia
  • herpes
  • advanced thyroid disease
  • psoriasis
  • long-term blood thinning medication Steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDS)
  • aesthetic medicine treatment, intensive exfoliation (at least every 2 months after)
  • psychic diseases
  • epilepsy



In the blading method, eyebrow pigmentation is performed on the entire surface of the eyebrow arch, creating a clearly visible shape. This method is particularly recommended for persons who prefer stronger makeup, lost eyebrows due to various reasons or wish to completely change their shape. The final result resembles eyebrows right after henna.


It involves precise drawing of specific hairs on the eyebrow arch so that the final result looks as natural as possible.

This technique is recommended for persons who have their own eyebrow hairs. It can as well be applied on old permanent makeups, creating specific hairs in such a manner that eyebrows become natural in their looks.


Professional Li Pigments for permanent makeup and micropigmentation. Li Pigments products are top class pigments characterised by extraordinary colour durability and lack of depigmentation. AQUA & VELVET pigments are produced in the United States of America and their formula is composed of top quality ingredients, thanks to which they ensure safety, durability and perfect cover.

Before and after photos

Photos from before and after procedure