Stimulating Coffe Spa combined with a massage

Stimulating Coffe Spa combined with a massage – a treatment used for people who have a problem with cellulite and skin laxity, with a stimulating aroma of coffee.

It effectively accelerates lipolysis and has anti-cellulite properties by unblocking lymphatic stasis, removing toxins and metabolic products. It acts as anti-radical, firms, smoothes and improves skin tone. The active ingredients for the treatment include, among others: arabica coffee, rich in caffeine and polyphenols..

The treatment is divided into three stages:

Stage I- peeling performed on the entire body exfoliating dead skin cells

Stage II-mask with active coffee

Stage III-stimulating massage

Indications for the procedure:

– fat tissue

– Cellulite, loss of firmness

– grey skin, hypoxic

Time: 140 min