SPM massage

SPM massage is an effective, long-lasting, scientifically confirmed solution to many aesthetic problems – local fatness and loss of firmness. It is a specialised body massage with regard to problem areas that affect the skin and fat tissue through the use of underpressure. The massage is performed using glass applicators, like cups. The cups have different diameters. Depending on the area, the right size is chosen. We perform massage on oils, enriched with active ingredients. The massage is very intense and stimulating.

SPM’s task is to stimulate vascularity, eliminate toxins, reduce water retention, break down fat deposits, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.

The effect is:

  • cellulite reduction,
  • firming,
  • slimming of thighs,
  • slimming of the stomach,
  • lifting of buttocks,
  • firming the skin of shoulders,
  • shortening of skin stretch marks.

It is recommended to carry out a series of 5-10 treatments, two treatments per week.

Duration of the procedure: 30 – 60 minutes
Type of anaesthesia: none
Required tests: not required
Duration of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the procedure:

pregnancy and lactation, hepatitis, inflammation of the kidneys, phlebitides