Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage

During this treatment, by means of rhythmical, smooth movements, using hot basalt stones, the masseur puts the patient’s into full, both physical and psychic relaxation.

This treatment relaxes the body, eliminates excessive muscle tension.
It is particularly recommended for stressed-out, exhausted persons.
It effectively tones down emotions and ensures the flow of positive energy.
The massage warms up the body down to its deeper parts,
which leads to dilating blood vessels and improves
blood circulation through muscles.
It speeds up the transport of nutrients to the skin as well as the removal of undesired metabolism products, which ensures better skin nutrition.

Indications for therapeutic massage:

  • sleeplessness and depression
  • all sorts of pain ailments
    • muscles
    • joints
    • neurological
  • post-traumatic and strain conditions
  • loosening of excessively tense muscles


  • high body temperature (>38°C)
  • skin lesions
  • tumours
  • haemorrhages or their potential occurrence
  • haemophilia
  • varices, purpura
  • hypertension (pharmacologically non-stabilised)
  • atherosclerosis
  • all inflammations (acute RA)