Non-surgical facelift with the support of threads

Description of the procedure

The treatment using PDO lifting threads is a non-invasive, simple procedure and is not associated with long convalescence as in the case of surgical procedures.

After local anaesthesia, the doctor implants a PDO thread placed in a sterile, very thin needle in the right way and place. By introducing a PDO thread into the skin, we get an immediate improvement in its appearance. After about 10-14 days, the process of natural protein synthesis begins (collagen and elastin). This process lasts for the entire lifetime of the thread in the body about 8 months. The aesthetic effects obtained usually last up to 24 months.

Using threads, we have a strengthening effect on sagging tissues. Due to the rapid rate of thread absorption, there is no risk of densification and scarring, as in the case of large diameter fibres and threads with a long biodegradation period (over a year).

PDO threads are fully soluble threads, thanks to which they remain in the body until they are dissolved, so there is no need to remove and repair the thread. The threads are absorbed within 240 days, and the obtained treatment effects usually last up to 24 months.

* The type of thread is selected individually by the doctor.

Post-treatment recommendations::

No side effects or complications. The redness caused by injections stops after 3-5 hours from the procedure.

Time of incapacity for work::

There is no need to stop working.

Effect of treatment using
Silhouette – Soft™ needles

Ważne informacje:

Duration of the procedure: 15-30 min.
Type of anaesthesia: local
Required tests: not required
Time of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the treatment: pregnancy and breastfeeding period, cancer, open wounds or skin disorders, blood coagulation disorders, anticoagulant therapy
Indications for the procedure:
horizontal and vertical forehead wrinkles, lowered outer edges of the eyebrows, flabby tissue, drooping eyebrows, lower eyelid – bags under the eyes, cheeks, pronounced nasolabial fold, cheek-buccal-zygomatic groove , chin fold, marionette fold (marionette lines), V lifting, drooping cheeks and area under the lower jaw, fold of skin on the cheek, wrinkled cheeks,

folds and wrinkles of the skin on the neck and cleavage, firming and shaping breasts, flabby tissues and stretch marks on the buttocks, abdomen, arms, legs, insensitive subcutaneous tissue and skin (after liposuction), obesity – arms, abdomen, ribs, thighs and buttocks.