Hyaluronic acid

Description of the procedure::

30 min. before the treatment, the skin should be covered with an anaesthetic cream (EMLA). The preparation is given with very thin needles that leave no marks at the puncture site and reduce pain to a minimum. Flexibility and the ability to bind water causes that after injecting the preparation under the skin, it fills and smoothes wrinkles naturally. After about 10-30 minutes of treatment, the patient can see its direct result. Then after the surgery, the patients can return to their usual daily duties.

The human body has its own system of enzymatic degradation of hyaluronic acid. The effect after the procedure usually lasts up to 18 months and, after this time, for example, Restylane is naturally absorbed. Depending on the type of preparation used, the treatment should be repeated after 12 – 18 months. The great advantage of the preparation is the fact that it does not leave any permanent changes in the skin when the effect subsides. However, it should be remembered that the durability of the preparation depends on the age, skin type, diet, lifestyle, as well as excessive use of sunbathing and solarium.

* The type of preparation is selected individually by a the doctor.

Post-treatment recommendations::

Exercise and alcohol should be strictly avoided for 6 hours after the procedure. It is necessary to give up sunbathing, sauna and winter sports until redness and swelling disappear.

Time of incapacity for work::

There is no need to stop working.

Time of the procedure: about 15-20 minutes
Type of anaesthesia: local
Required tests: not required
Time of stay in the clinic:

pregnancy and breastfeeding period, skin inflammation (acne herpes) allergic to hyaluronic acid, hypertrophic scar tendency