Removal of scars

Description of the procedure::

The most effective and, at the same time, minimally invasive method of the removal of scars is the fractionated photothermolysis method using the FRAXEL laser. The mechanism of action of FRAXELA consists in creating thermal damage in the scar of the skin, in the place of intensive collagen production. As a result, atrophic wells are pushed upward, which optically gives the skin surface smoothing effect.

Once during the procedure, we can irradiate about 20-25% of the area of ​​the affected skin. It is necessary to perform 5-10 treatments with an interval of about one month, so that the effect of the treatment is full,

For the FRAXEL laser therapy, all atrophic scars (concave) are eligible, and the over-scars (convex) cannot be illuminated..

If the patient was treated with oral isotretinoin due to severe acne, the time from the end of therapy to the surgery with the use of FRAXELA is a minimum of 3 months.

Time of incapacity for work::

There is no need to stop working.

Duration of the procedure: 15 – 60 minutes
Type of anaesthesia:  not required
Required tests – local anaesthesia: not required
Duration of stay in the clinic: not required
Contraindications to the treatment: pregnancy and breastfeeding, active bacterial or viral infection, skin cancer, recent aesthetic medicine treatments: up to 4 weeks from wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid, up to 12 weeks after filling the skin with polylactic acid.